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Expanish - 2020 Prices and Products

Web Master | 2019-10-11 10:57

Spanish school - Expanish's 2020 Prices and Products

Here are links to our new documents:

Our 2019 prices are valid for 2020 programs through November 1st, 2019.

Both documents have been uploaded to our Expanish Partner Portal (URL - www.partners.expanish.com, Password - buenosaires123) and there you will also be able to find our 2020 factsheets as well as new pictures in both destinations ;).

To help you update your internal information, here is a summary of 2020 changes:

Simplification of Programs
Our goal for 2020 is to focus on our core products in order to make them even better, with more integration of activities into the curriculum. With this in mind, Expanish will stop actively offering the following courses:

  • Intensive Spanish 25 (Barcelona)
  • Intensive Spanish 20+4 (Barcelona + Buenos Aires)
  • Intensive Spanish 20+6 (Barcelona + Buenos Aires)
  • Academic Semester (Barcelona + Buenos Aires)
  • Spanish & Flamenco (Barcelona)
  • Spanish & Cooking (Barcelona)
  • Spanish in the City (Barcelona + Buenos Aires)
  • Spanish in the City Day Class (Barcelona + Buenos Aires)

An example of the curriculum integration is we will be making the Spanish in the City outings as free activities in our normal activities program, allowing all students to participate.That being said, we will be offering a few NEW PROGRAMS:

  • Intensive Spanish 20+5 - This program will replace our Intensive Spanish 20+4 and Intensive Spanish 20+6 to offer a simplified combination course of 20 hours of group lessons and 5 hours of private lessons each week (1 hour per day). Now students will have two combination course options that include 5 or 10 private lessons.
  • Evening Spanish Course - This is not technically a new course but we will officially offer it with our agency partners and have added it to our price list. We previously just offered this course to the local market, but have seen a growing interested in non-intensive, night classes with our partners. It is a great option if you have any clients who will be studying at university or working in Barcelona or Buenos Aires.

Other Changes:

  • Our registration fee in Buenos Aires will lower from US$75 to US$50 in order to be more competitive in the market for short-term students as well as maintain the same fee in both schools (euros in Barcelona and US dollars in Buenos Aires).
  • Our school in Buenos Aires has recently undergone some renovations and we have decreased the classrooms from 16 to 14. We combined two classrooms to have a large meeting space for groups, orientations, and exams and expanded our office space slightly. We are very excited about the change ;).
  • We will stop officially offering airport transfers from Aeroparque (AEP) in Buenos Aires as this airport no longer receives international flights. If we have a student who is arriving with a domestic flight we can, of course, provide the service for US$35 but it will not take up space on our price list or website.
  • Our Business Spanish and Medical Spanish course will include 20 regular group classes and 5 private specialized lessons per week (1 hour per day). Previously they included 4 private lessons but we want them to maintain the same schedule as Intensive Spanish 20+5.
  • Our Spanish for Teachers course will change to 20 advanced Spanish group lessons and 5 private lessons of methodology. This way, we are able to offer the course year-round rather than on specific start dates.
  • Due to lack of availability, we will only offer student residences during the summer season (high season) in Barcelona. This will avoid issues with rejecting bookings due to lack of availability and improve sales, while still maintaining this highly desired options during the most important months of the year.
  • Private apartments in Buenos Aires will return to be customized, providing options and pricing on a case-by-case basis rather than selling a specific apartment. This will allow us to provide better-priced options to our students and options that are in line with their needs.
  • Offering volunteer opportunities for our students has been a fundamental part of our programming in Buenos Aires since 2006. Supporting volunteers with close supervision and quality projects is not an easy task in Latin America and, therefore, we charge a fee for these services. Charging a fee to volunteer, however, has always been a philosophical issue as we do not believe someone should have to pay to give back to the community. So starting in 2020, Expanish has decided to eliminate our volunteer fee and volunteer program support as it currently is. Our school will still offer opportunities to volunteer in Buenos Aires, however, we will offer it as a free referral service rather than a charged service. This means we will promote volunteer opportunities in the city with our current projects, but students will be responsible to manage their work on their own, without our direct involvement. This will help to reduce voluntourism and allow all of our truly interested students to volunteer without the barrier of a fee.
  • We will stop showing our internship program as a package with housing, but rather a flat placement fee to be more transparent with this cost on the price list. The durations and program options are the same as before.

Go to School Page : http://www.studybooking.com/school/view/spanish-expanish-in-spain