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LV Studio

  • Buenos Aires, Argentine

Type d'école   Centre de langue privé

Nationalités des étudiants   NO NO 10%   SE SE 10%   GB GB 10%   US US 10%   KR KR 10%   DE DE 10%   AU AU 10%   BR BR 10%   FI FI 10%   AR AR 10%  

Nombre d'étudiants   100 personnes

  • WIFI

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Information détaillée

WIFI dans les espaces communs WIFI dans les espaces communs
Auditorium Auditorium
Bibliothèque Bibliothèque
Salle d'étude Salle d'étude
Salle d'informatique Salle d'informatique
Salle de repos Salle de repos
Salle audio-visuelle Salle audio-visuelle
Cafétéria Cafétéria
Snack Snack
Salle de gym Salle de gym
Piscine pour adultes Piscine pour adultes
Piscine pour enfants Piscine pour enfants

Autres éauipements sportifs Autres éauipements sportifs
Equipements pour personnes handicapées Equipements pour personnes handicapées
Services médicaux Services médicaux
Activités extra-scolaires Activités extra-scolaires
Prise en charge à l'aéroport Prise en charge à l'aéroport
Professeur de langue maternelle Professeur de langue maternelle
Classes nocturnes Classes nocturnes
Tuteur Tuteur
Service de lave-linge Service de lave-linge

Date de fondation de l'école : 2000-01-01

Numéro de licence de l'école : LV 2394, 1425

LV Studio language school, located in Buenos Aires, Argentina is a reputable language school with over 15 years of experience, specializing in Spanish courses for foreigners. We also offer English, Portuguese, French and other languages.

What sets LV Studio apart from other schools is our communicative approach to learning, small group classes and personalized attention, quality teaching, as well as our multicultural atmosphere and commitment to learning outside the classroom through social events and cultural activities. We also offer lodging (including home stays with local families), tourist services, immersion trips around Argentina and more.


Cancellation policy
Classes may not be cancelled or rescheduled

If there is a national bank holiday during your course, we will schedule a makeup class (at the end of the course)


cancellation policy
Classes may not be cancelled or rescheduled

If there is a national bank holiday during your course, we will NOT schedule a makeup class. However, in the event that there are multiple bank holidays during the same course package, we will schedule makeup classes (at the end of the course) for these subsequent holidays to ensure that you never lose more than one class due to national holidays

Students are allowed to request a teacher change. Please let us know by the close of business hours on Thursday in order to have a new teacher confirmed for the following week.
Mode de paiement : Transfert bancaire
L'étudiant doit déposer un paiement intégral directement dans le compte bancaire de l'école dans les 7 jours suivant la réception de l'approbation de l'école.
Contact us for refund policy and payment.


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