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Client Frequently Asked Questions

  Generally asked FAQ’s
Studybooking.com books courses for different types of teaching language as well as accommodations worldwide. Our main endeavor is to provide courses and accommodations that suits your preference.
Studybooking.com is headquartered in Seoul, S.Korea.
Studybooking.com is the easiest way to book your language studies and accommodations abroad. We offer the best prices and service as well as the best schools and accommodations. Our prices will NEVER be higher than the school or accommodations' original price and will often be lower due to exclusive discounts. We carefully screen all of our providers to give you the best quality, service, and safety, as well as an affordable and enjoyable experience.
Studybooking.com has searched the globe to find quality language schools and accommodations for you, the student. The schools and accommodations who registered have signed up for membership to increase their market exposure. The resulting partnership between we should use Studybooking.com so that we are consistent and the schools/accommodations is meant to give you hassle free browsing and assurance that you get nothing but quality services at affordable prices.
Log in to your account first and go to ‘My Page’ menu. There should be 4 menu’s displayed on your page (My Profile, Order History, Payment History, and Messages), kindly navigate to ‘Order History’ to check the details and status of your booking.
Studybooking.com recommends booking at least 3 months (more is better) in advance before the course start date. Remember to plan thoroughly. You may need additional time to prepare your Visa and travel documents, depending on the requirements of your home country and your destination.
Yes, you can. Every school and accommodation has its own profile page with basic information. Should you have inquiry to the provider, you can just use the message box found in their profile to contact them.
All promotional discounts are displayed in the ‘SPECIAL DEALS’ page of the website. Information about the specific accommodation/course discounts can be seen when you click the provider’s profile.
Yes, you can book for 2 or more students in a single booking request depending on your preference. Actually, it is more advisable to book by group because some schools offer discounts for group bookings.
As for the Accommodation, it will depend on the room type and number of guests the room can admit. Many types of rooms can accept 2 or more lodgers/guests while the others are good for 1 person only.
Yes, the person who is paying can be a different person from the person who is registered.
Example: A parent paying for a student.
Many of Studybooking.com’s partner schools and accommodations offer an EXCLUSIVE 35% discount. Some of these providers also give long stay discounts and other special promotions that can only be availed if you book thru our website.
We have many Exam Preparation Courses with huge discounts. Please check on http://www.studybooking.com/course/ielts/1
If your booking is still pending and there is no response from the provider yet, you can just go directly to ‘My Page’ of your student profile and click the ‘Order History’ menu (Left side) and cancel your booking yourself. If you cancel the booking due to incorrect information in your profile, you can navigate thru ‘My Profile’ menu and change the incorrect information before re-booking the course/accommodation.
If the booking has already been approved and documents were already sent to you by the providers, but you mistakenly gave them the information (either due to incomplete profile or typological error) you will have to contact the provider directly thru our built-in message box and notify our customer support representatives so that we can send the provider a follow-up inquiry.
You will typically receive confirmation of your booking via email from both provider (Language school or Accommodation) and Studybooking.com within 72 hours of payment of the booking fee. You can check your student ‘My Page’ for the current status of your booking. If you do not receive an email, please check your spam box or feel free to contact Studybooking.com and we will attend to your booking ASAP.
In the unlikely event your booking is not accepted by the school or accommodation, your booking fee will be refunded by studybooking.com except 10% of transaction fee. (Minimum Transaction fee is USD 50) We will also help you to find an alternative course and/or accommodation for your satisfaction.
To create a new password, you can go to ‘Sign In’ page and click the ‘Forgot Password’ feature. Make sure that you provided the correct ‘User name’ and ‘Email Address’ when you submit the request. If you forgot either or both, you can contact our customer support for assistance.
  Language Course
Every course listed on Studybooking.com has start days and/or dates as well as course duration on the school profile page under the course information. Please, keep in mind that some schools are very rigid and follow a tight curriculum, while others are very flexible and will even allow students to enter classes after the course has started. Every school has different policies, but we are sure you can find something to suit your needs and wants on Studybooking.com.
All ages are accepted at Studybooking.com for registration, but students under 18 years old need to have their parents or legal guardian perform the booking. Individual schools have their own age policies. There are some courses specifically for children, teens, or adults. We advise to check the course information first to see if it has an age requirement before booking.
Most schools will give new students an assessment test before entering class to be sure that you are enrolled in the course that corresponds your knowledge level. Please review the course information first to determine if the course level is appropriate for you. Every course has a scale of levels in the course information section.
Class sizes vary greatly. Some schools offer one-to-one language trainings, while some only offer group classes. However, there are many schools who offer a combination of both. The class size is listed for each course on the school profile page under course information.
There are many factors to consider when selecting a school. The most important, of course, is the language you want to learn and the location of the school. Cost is also a major consideration.

Some other things to consider:
● Some schools offer extra-curricular activities which can add to the overall learning and cultural experience.
● Smaller schools offer more personal treatment, while large schools give students the opportunity to meet and socialize with a broader range of people.
● School location in relation to the local community is very important. Do you want to be around and experience life in a big city? Country or suburban life? Check out the map and see where the school is located and the surrounding area.
● The ratio of the nationality of the students. Do you want to study with a lot of people from your country or do you want to meet many different nationalities? This information is available on the school profile page, in the school information section.
● Check the school rules section in the school profiles. Some schools have very strict rules to promote learning, while other schools have lax rules so you can enjoy the total experience more.
There are many different types of accommodations available, including school dormitories, apartments, hostels, homestays, etc. If you book your accommodation together with your course through a school, they will usually offer dormitory or homestay. The types of accommodation offered by the school are listed in the course description.
Using the accommodations provided by the school is recommended, as it will usually be the most economical, closest and most convenient for students. Some students may want a specific course but not like the accommodations being offered. In this case, you can just navigate to our ‘Accommodation’ page, we have a variety of other lodging options listed there.
Sure you can! Studybooking.com has schools that allow you to exclude dormitory services. To check whether the course accepts booking without dormitory, just read the course information.
Most schools will give you a certificate of completion after finishing your course, however, some schools may only present one if the student request for it. This information is available in the course information section of every course listed on the school’s profile.
Although Studybooking.com is primarily a language course booking website, there is no problem with using our accommodation listings only. You can find our best price and ‘local themed’ accommodations which improve anybody’s travel experiences in the ‘Accommodation’ page.
All prices, unless stated otherwise, are on a per room basis and per bed/person.
The rates displayed are either per room or per bed/person –depends on the accommodation. If the rates are per room basis, the amount for one guest selected in ‘Number of Guest(s)’ will show you a fixed amount for the room, disregarding the number of occupants in it (but check their Maximum guests first). While the rate per bed/person is based on individual occupant of the room. If you are not sure whether the Accommodation you like is per room or per person, you can contact our customer support any time.
You can directly see the room prices right after you hit the ‘search accommodation’ in the filter menu. The list shown, however, is limited depending on what you previously filtered. To show more room prices, open the profile of the accommodation and select ‘Any’ to see all rooms listed in them.
Before we proceed with your booking, it is standard procedure to notify the provider first to check availability of the room. Right after confirming the status of the room requested, we will immediately inform you if the booking is possible or not.
There are many additional costs possible, such as electricity, laundry, entertainment, transportation outside of school, etc. Some of these can be viewed in the course information section of each course that offers accommodations. Please be sure to plan your budget carefully to ensure you will get the most out of your experience.
Studybooking.com has a wide range of different accommodations with varying amenities being offered. Please refer to the school or accommodation profile page for more details regarding this.
We recommend reviewing all possible accommodations that could meet your preference, especially the location and the room type of the accommodation. If you find it too hassle to check one-by-one, you can contact our customer support and give them details about the accommodation you’re looking for.
  Booking Process and Payment
The procedure of booking on Studybooking.com is as follows.

1) School Reservation : Select a school → Click "Calculation / Reservation" button → Enter your information → Make reservation → Pay "Booking fee" → Wait for approval → Acceptance of the language school → Submit required documents for visa → Payment the balance thru bank transfer → Acceptance of admission letter → Preparation of visa and ticket → Preparation for departure

2) Accommodation Reservation : Select an accommodation provider → Click "Calculate / Reservation" button → Enter your information → Reservation proceeding → Pay "Booking fee" → Waiting for approval → Pay a "Downpayment" (In case, if you need to pay it) → Preparations for departure → Payment the balance upon arrival

※ If there is ITEMs that have no "Booking fee", you can apply to schools/accommodations in FREE.
You only need to pay the booking fee when you book your course and/or accommodation. Every school and accommodation has its own payment policy about when the balance is due. Some require full payment upon acceptance, while others require only a partial down payment in advance and the balance due upon arrival. Some will also accept the full balance upon arrival.
Most schools which provide their own lodging options as well as accommodation providers themselves require a security deposit upon arrival or check in. The deposit is normally refundable at time of departure or check out, less any additional expenses (i.e. electricity, water damage to facilities, etc.) Please view the course information section(for schools) or the room information section(for accommodation only) for more information about deposit conditions.
The booking fee is not an extra charge for you to pay. We get the booking fee from the total payable by the students to the school/accommodation. If the booking is confirmed, you need to pay the partial fee(booking fee) to Studybooking.com, and the rest should be paid when you arrive at your school/accommodation (It depends on the provider's payment policy).
We accept payments via credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, JCB, and American Express (Amex),. You can also pay using PayPal, AliPay, TenPay and 99Bill or bank transfer.
Every school and accommodation have different policies for rescheduling or cancelling of services as well as refunds. Refer to the school profile page for details. If the information you need is not listed, you may contact the school directly using the message box on the same page.
The booking fee paid to Studybooking.com is non-refundable once the booking has been completed and confirmed. The school/accommodation, however, has a different cancellation policy, you can check their profile to know the details.
Please check whether the country you are using a credit card is the same as the country where the card was issued. The country where the card was issued should be the same as the country where you use.
Visa requirements vary greatly from country to country and also by destination, and unfortunately, Studybooking.com cannot get Visas for students. The school you choose to study is the best able one to assist you in obtaining your Visa. We recommend using the message box on the school profile page to contact the school about how to obtain your Visa.
If your Visa is denied after booking, you may be entitled to a refund of your down payment if there was one. Each school and accommodation has its own refund policy, which can be viewed on their individual profile pages. Unfortunately, the booking fee paid to Studybooking.com is non-refundable once a booking has been confirmed.
  Travel & Safety
Studybooking.com does not provide travel arrangements. We only book language courses and accommodations. Travel to and from the destination country is the responsibility of the student, however, many schools and accommodations offer a pick-up service for the students/guests from local airports. Refer to the profile page of the school or accommodation to see their other services.
Insurance is essential for students who wish to travel to any foreign country. It is also highly recommended by Studybooking.com, although the type of coverage depends on individual needs.