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Vilkår og Betingelser

Article 1. Purpose

The purpose of the terms and conditions herein is to define the rights, obligations and responsibilities of Studybooking.com and the users of the services related to language training, studying abroad and accommodations provided by the internet site operated by Studybooking Co., Ltd. (Referred to as SB hereinafter.)

Article 2. Definition

① Studybooking.com is a website established by SB for the trading of goods and services by using the internet, PCs, mobile, social communication tools, etc. At the same time, Studybooking.com is used by the business provider who offers the services.

② A “Member” is an individual (i.e. student) or business who registered and provided information to Studybooking.com and intends to use or sell products or services on Studybooking.com. “Members” must agree to the terms and conditions of Studybooking.com.

③ A “Non-Member” is a person or business who uses the services provided by Studybooking.com without membership.

④ A “User” is a member or non-member who benefits from the products or services provided by Studybooking.com according to the terms and conditions.

⑤ An “Education Provider”, referred to as EP, is a business which sells products or services intended for studying abroad and language training on Studybooking.com. All EPs must be members.

⑥ An “Accommodations Provider”, referred to as AP, is a business which provides accommodations. APs must be members.

⑦ A “Purchaser” is a person who buys and uses the products or services of the EP or the AP.

Article 3. Clarification and modification of the “terms and conditions”

① SB lists the details of the “terms and conditions”, company name, business location, name of the representative, business registration number, and the contact point for the user information on the service screen of Studybooking.com.

② SB may modify these “terms and conditions” within the extent of related laws such as laws applying to the definition of “terms and conditions”, electronic transaction basic laws, electronic signature laws, the use of information network and information protection, laws for the selling by visit (solicitation), and consumer protection laws.

③ If SB modifies the “terms and conditions”, the application date and reason for modification will be clarified and posted publically on the Studybooking.com together with the current “terms and conditions” 7 days prior to modification.

④ Points which are not defined within the “terms and conditions” shall be subject to the electronic transaction consumer protection guidelines, related laws, and the commercial practices as defined by the Korean government.

Article 4. Service provision

① SB performs the following services.

  • The worldwide brokerage for language training, studying abroad and accommodations
  • Provision of the information on the goods and services and brokerage for the purchasing agreement
  • Advertisement for EPs and APs
  • Provision of additional services related to studying abroad & language training and accommodations

② SB reserves the right to change the details of the “terms and conditions” in the event of changes in the goods and services or technical specifications. The details of changed goods and services shall be posted to the public.

Article 5. Suspension of service

① SB may suspend services temporarily in the event of maintenance, upgrades & replacement of equipment, technical difficulties and communication failures such as computer and disconnection of communication.

② In case of service suspension according to Article 5, item 1, SB shall inform the members and users by means of methods defined in Article 8 below.

Article 6. Membership

① Non-members shall apply for membership by expressing the consent of these “terms and conditions” after filling out the application provided on Studybooking.com. EPs and APs apply through the administration website provided by Studybooking.com.

② Studybooking.com will accept applicants unless they correspond to the following:

  • Applicants who fall within parameters described in Article 7. Students and providers who lose membership may reapply for Studybooking.com after a 3 year period
  • False, omitted, or mistaken registration information
  • A person who is under 18 years old

③ SB considers the time when the applicant receives an application confirmation message as the specific sign-up time.

Article 7. Withdrawal and disqualification from membership, etc.

① Members may request withdrawal to Studybooking.com any time and SB shall process the withdrawal from membership immediately. If an incomplete purchasing history remains at the time of withdrawal, the member shall complete or cancel all purchasing procedures and SB is not responsible for the losses from withdrawing and cancelling of said purchases.

② If a member falls within the parameters of the following paragraphs, SB may limit or suspend the membership.

  • Falsification of information during application
  • Unpaid debts to Studybooking.com
  • Theft of information and inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated
  • Criminal behavior and breaking the rules of the “terms and conditions” of Studybooking.com

③ When the same action is repeated three times, or problems are not resolved within 30 days after the limiting or suspension, Studybooking.com may cancel the membership.

Article 8. Notices to members

① Studybooking.com may use the member’s email address or message function of Studybooking.com to communicate with members.

② Studybooking.com may notify members on the Notice Board on the website instead of through individual email. Posts on the Notice Board will be no shorter than 7 days.

Article 9. Purchase requests

① Users of Studybooking.com shall request purchases by the following or other similar procedures.

  • Searching for and selection of goods or services
  • Input of necessary information for purchasing such as the name, nation, nationality, address, phone number, e-mail address, and any other pertinent information
  • Selection of payment method and payment
Article 10. Entering into agreements

① When the purchase request and the payment are made by the user, an order agreement for the reservation is created. Later, when the EP or AP approves the order, the corresponding service agreement is complete. (The “Approval is finished” time appears in the order status on user’s My Page screen.)

② SB may not approve the purchase immediately for the following reasons:

  • Falsification, omission or mistaken application information
  • Purchases made by users under the age requirement
  • When the EP or AP rejects the approval of the order for unavoidable reasons such as the excess bookings
Article 11. Payment method, time and conditions

① The payment method for the goods and services purchased from Studybooking.com may be selected from the following:

  • Credit card payment
  • Bank transfer
  • Paypal

* Payment of the balance is due upon arrival at the location when it is specified by the EP or AP.

② The time and conditions of payment for line 1 of article 11 shall be pursuant to the payment conditions of each company specified by the EP or AP on the service screen.

Article 12. Order rejection, refund and cancellation

① The EP or AP may reject an order when the goods or service cannot be provided or supplied according to the user’s order unavoidably for the reason of acceptance capacity excess, etc. In this case, the EP or AP shall notify Studybooking.com AND the purchaser of the cancellation of the corresponding order by processing ‘Order Rejected’ on the administration website.

② Orders with the status of “Waiting for approval” may be cancelled automatically after 72 hours and will be explained.

③ If an order is cancelled according to Clauses 1 and 2 above, Studybooking.com will refund the amount paid.

④ The money paid directly to the EP and AP by the student follows the EP and AP payment and refund policies and has nothing to do with Studybooking.com.

⑤ The membership fee paid by the EP and AP and the web administration fee paid by the user are non-refundable.

⑥ Discounted services and promotions cannot be cancelled and are non-refundable.

⑦ Studybooking.com is only a broker for studying abroad & language training and accommodations and an agency for reservations, therefore, Studybooking.com is not responsible for the following conditions. The user should look into the regulations listed by the EP or AP and fully understand that the following points correspond to the transaction among EP, AP, and the user.

  • Studybooking.com is not responsible if the actual provided services and/or facilities are determined to be different from the information listed by the EP or AP on Studybooking.com.
  • Studybooking.com is not responsible for dissatisfaction due to poor facilities and/or services provided by the EP or AP.
  • Studybooking.com is not responsible for any direct monetary transactions between the user and the EP and AP.
  • Studybooking.com is not responsible for No Shows. No Shows are users that do not show up for pre-arranged services or accommodations without cancellation.
Article 13. Privacy protection

① Studybooking.com collects the minimum amount of information necessary to perform the purchasing agreement. The following information is essential and any other information is optional.

  • Name
  • E-mail
  • ID
  • Contact point
  • Password
  • Nation and nationality
  • Date of birth
  • Address

② Studybooking.com will store only personal information with user’s permission.

③ Studybooking.com will not provide the personal information to any 3rd party without user’s permission. However, the following cases are exceptions.

  • The information is provided to the EP and/or AP for the purchase
  • The information may be given to 3rd party payment processors (such as Visa, Mastercard, JCB, Amex, Paypal, AliPay, TenPay, 99Bill, etc.) for payments to Studybooking.com.
  • Studybooking.com may release the information to 3rd parties for research, surveys, or demographics.
  • Studybooking.com may share the information with partners for providing related services such as the insurance, mobile services, etc.
  • Studybooking.com may provide the information to government agencies or security organizations for background checks as needed.

④ Studybooking.com may store member information for future use to provide smooth service after the user agreement is completed or withdrawn.

  • Studybooking.com will keep necessary information if required by laws and regulations.
  • Studybooking.com will keep the information on suspended or black listed users for future reference.
  • Studybooking.com will keep a record of users who have unsettled debts with Studybooking.com and/or providers.
  • Studybooking.com may keep users information on record for the amount of time described in the “Privacy Policy”.
Article 14. Obligations of Studybooking.com

① Studybooking.com will not take any action which is prohibited by related laws and these “terms and conditions” or disturb public order and good morals. Studybooking.com will make its best effort to provide the consistent and stable service according to the definitions herein.

② An internet security system is used Studybooking.com to protect the private information of the user (Including credit information).

③ Studybooking.com will not transmit unwanted advertising email (spam) for profit seeking.

Article 15. Member’s obligation for ID and password

① The member is responsible for the secrecy of the personal ID and password.

② The member shall not allow 3rd parties to use member’s ID and password.

③ The member should immediately inform Studybooking.com in the event of a loss or theft of the personal ID and/or password. Members should follow recommendations from Studybooking.com in the event of ID and/or password loss or theft.

Article 16. Obligation of all users

① Users shall not do the following:

  • Register false information.
  • Illegally change the information on Studybooking.com.
  • Use Studybooking.com to post or send illegal information.
  • Infringe on the intellectual property rights of Studybooking.com such as the copyrights.
  • Defame or hinder the affairs of Studybooking.com and any third party.
  • Disclose or post messages, pictures, recordings, and other information disturbing public order and good morals (i.e. pornography and violence)
  • Act for profit seeking by using the service of Studybooking.com to many and unspecific persons.
Article 17. Obligation of EP and AP

① EPs and APs shall process registration, management, orders and order withdrawals according to the service policy and procedure in the administration website provided by Studybooking.com and these “terms and conditions”.

② EPs and APs shall respond in a timely manner to order requests from users and shall answer user questions sincerely.

③ EPs and APs shall not propose direct transactions excluding Studybooking.com when answering user questions and shall not provide related information. Offending EPs or APs may be suspended or expelled from Studybooking.com and any paid costs will not be refunded.

④ EPs and APs shall cancel the requested orders immediately at the request of the purchaser.

⑤ Reasonable requests for order cancellations by users will be considered by the administrator of Studybooking.com and may be cancelled if approved.

⑥ EPs and APs shall sincerely register information about goods and services and shall not register false information. Offending EPs or APs may be suspended or expelled from Studybooking.com and any paid costs will not be refunded.

⑦ EPs and APs shall not use Studybooking.com to infringe on copyrights or the rights of the other persons and shall not register false or illegal information. Offending EPs or APs may be suspended or expelled from Studybooking.com and any paid costs will not be refunded.

⑧ EPs and APs shall approve or reject the user orders in a timely manner. When no action is taken within 72 hours, the corresponding order may be cancelled automatically by Studybooking.com.

Article 18. Possession of the copyright and restriction on use

① The copyright or other intellectual property for the creature made by Studybooking.com shall be possessed to Studybooking.com.

② The user shall not copy, transmit, publish, distribute or use the information of intellectual property right possessed by Studybooking.com out of the information obtained from using Studybooking.com for profit seeking by other method without prior consent from Studybooking.com and shall not allow for any third party to use it.

Article 19. Immunity from the responsibilities of Studybooking.com

① All Users shall understand that Studybooking.com is only a sales broker who facilitates communication between the seller and purchaser. All Users shall perform transactions such as the orders, approvals, cancellations, withdrawals from agreement and refunds directly and shall keep Studybooking.com as irrelevant if disputes arise.

② Studybooking.com is not responsible for lack of service due to natural disasters and inevitable circumstances. Studybooking.com is also not responsible for lack of service due to maintenance, repairs, or failures in communication infrastructure. In these events, Studybooking.com shall notify members about the details of such conditions by means of the internet or other available methods.

③ Studybooking.com is not responsible for the problems which are attributed to the EP or AP.

④ Studybooking.com is not responsible for the confusion of the user due to inadequate service details and information error by the EPs or APs. Studybooking.com is also not responsible for any reimbursement for inconvenience or losses due to inadequate service details and information error by the EPs or APs.

⑤ Studybooking.com is not responsible for information provided by EPs and APs on additional link screens, such as hyperlinks.

⑥ Studybooking.com is immune to claims by EPs and APs and lawsuits from purchasers or third parties in relation to the service and information provided by EPs and APs and they shall be responsible for the incurred losses of Studybooking.com.

Article 20. Customer satisfaction

① At Studybooking.com, we value our customer’s opinions. Studybooking.com will consider all valid complaints and recommendations and facilitate changes to improve customer service and satisfaction.

② Studybooking.com gives complaints and concerns raised by Users top priority. However, some cases are difficult to process rapidly, in which case, the reason and time frame will be posted immediately.

Article 21. Juridical right and governing laws

① Lawsuits between Studybooking.com and Users for disputes arisen from electronic commercial trading are under the jurisdiction of Korea and are governed by the laws of Korea.

(Supplementary regulation) These terms and conditions are effective from January 1, 2014.


Studybooking.com is a website which provides online booking services for language training abroad and accommodations. Studybooking.com utilizes the following privacy policy to protect information and to promote a safe online culture. The privacy policy is updated from time to time based on company policy.

What kind of private information is collected?

We collect the following types of private information about members for consultation and purchase requests:

  • Information we collect about users: Name, Country, Nationality, Date of Birth, Sex, ID, Password, contact information, Address, Mobile Phone Number, E-mail, cookies, IP address, latitude & longitude, etc.
  • Information we collect about schools/language institutions: Name, ID, password, address, company name, URL, contact point, permission number, country, e-mail, address, clerk’s name, fax number, bank account information, education language, number of the enrolled students, nationality ratio of the enrolled students, facilities, etc.
  • Information we collect about accommodations: Name, ID, Password, Address, Company Name, URL, Contact Information, Date Established, Country, E-mail, Address, Clerk’s Name and Contact Information, Fax Number, Bank Account Information, Age available for booking, Nationality ratio of the guest, Facility, etc.
  • Studybooking.com collects private information through the webpage and mobile addresses during sign-ups, consulting requests, bulletins, questionnaire inquiry page etc.
What is the purpose of collecting private information?

The private information we collect is only used for business purposes. It is collected to provide various services such the following:

  • Contracts, payments, provision of new services and events, promotions, etc.
  • To view and manage members for personal identification and service history, to prevent unauthorized use, to verify information input by the user is correct, to check transaction history, etc.
  • Delivery of information, identification and analysis of contact frequency and for marketing and announcement of events.
How long is the information stored and used?

The private information of the user and/or provider is deleted if membership is cancelled unless the membership ends due to expulsion. Information about debts will be stored until the debt is settled. However, some information may be preserved according to related laws such as commercial code, and others. The following information can be kept:

  • Records on advertisement: 6 months
  • Records on the agreement and withdrawing from applying for agreement: 5 years
  • Records on the payment and supply of goods: 5 years
  • Records on consumer dissatisfaction or handling of a dispute: 3 years
  • Records on the collection, processing and use of credit information: 3 years
Is credit card payment information recorded?

When the user pays Studybooking.com by credit card, the credit card number and password are not recorded or kept. Studybooking.com uses a trusted 3rd party payment processor and does not keep any credit card information except for confirmation information.

When and how is the private information destroyed?

We destroy the private information without hesitation when the purpose of collecting and using the information is achieved. The private information saved in the database is deleted and destroyed permanently and cannot be restored once it has been destroyed.

What is the process used by Studybooking.com when private user information is given to a 3rd party?

We share data with 3rd parties to provide higher quality service for the following cases.

  • Schools, language institutes, and accommodations: Users shall transmit booking-related private information to the corresponding school or language institute to complete booking. This information includes the customer name, contact point, address, mobile phone number, nationality, payment information (Excluding the credit card number and password) and companion information which are input on the order sheet by the customer.
  • 3rd parties: Studybooking.com uses social network services such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. to provide the high quality services. Studybooking.com uses these services for various purposes such as location and the user’s private information is not given to these services.
How does Studybooking.com use cookies?

We use cookies for the convenience of the user. A cookie is a small amount of information transmitted from the web server to the user’s browser. When the user connects to the website, the user can use the site without inputting additional information because the server reads cookies and additional information of yours is gathered from the computer. The user has the right to delete the cookie and the user can accept all cookies, or send a notice at the installation of cookie or reject it by adjusting the options on the browser.

How can Users access and modify their personal information?

The member may view or edit the registered private information any time. Private information may be viewed and edited on My Page after logging in for general members. Providers may view and edit information on the administration website in the exclusive use control mode.

What kind of security does Studybooking.com use to protect the private information?

We use the following security methods and procedures to protect the valuable private information of all users and members of the seller.

  • 1. All passwords are encoded and saved and only the user can view them.
  • 2. Studybooking.com uses a server and an around-the-clock anti-virus program to prevent any damage or theft from malware. The anti-virus program is updated regularly and the server and database are protected at all times.
  • 3. Security devices are used to transmit private information on the network by using encrypted password algorithms.
Who has access to the personal information input on Studybooking.com?

Studybooking.com has the highest security standards. We have established and perform appropriate business procedures to protect personal information provided by our customers. Only authorized staff may access the private information for business purposes and strict technical and physical guidelines are followed to access and use the private information. These guidelines are specially designed for sensitive private information such as passwords and credit card numbers and can only be viewed by the internal administration of Studybooking.com. Studybooking.com is designed for the customer to use credit card numbers only at the moment of payment. In addition, the system of Studybooking.com is designed so that only the user can use and access their credit card number only when purchasing or booking on Studybooking.com.

How does Studybooking.com process the private information of children?

Studybooking.com cannot be used and paid by customers under the age of 18 without consent from their custodian. If a customer under the age of 18 books and pays, the legal guardian may request to view, correct, and withdraw the information from Studybooking.com.

Please contact the admin of Studybooking.com at contact@studybooking.com for any inquiries about the privacy policy.

Recent date of modification: January 1, 2014

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