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Apex Language & Career College

  • Halifax (NS), Canada

School Type   Private language school

Student Nationality Ratio   CN CN 30%   SA SA 30%   BR BR 15%   TR TR 10%   KR KR 10%   JP JP 5%  

Number of Students   70 persons

  • WIFI
  • EXAM

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Detail Information

WiFi in Public Areas WiFi in Public Areas
Auditorium Auditorium
Library Library
Study Room Study Room
Computer Room Computer Room
Rest Room Rest Room
Audio-visual Room Audio-visual Room
Cafeteria Cafeteria
Snack Bar Snack Bar
Gym / Fitness Gym / Fitness
Swimming Pool (for adults) Swimming Pool (for adults)
Swimming Pool (for children) Swimming Pool (for children)

Other Sport Facilities Other Sport Facilities
Facilities for Disabled Facilities for Disabled
Medical Service Medical Service
Outside of Class Activities Outside of Class Activities
Airport Pickup Airport Pickup
Native Speaking Teacher Native Speaking Teacher
Night Class Night Class
Parental Guardian Parental Guardian
Laundry Service Laundry Service

Date School Established : 2000-02-16

School(Business) Permit No. : O19330669492

Standardized Exam : IELTS

Apex Language & Career College (ALCC) has helped students from around the world learn English since 2000. You can get direct entry to universities and colleges in Canada and the USA. At ALCC, students have learning environment that is safe and supportive yet challenging and competitive.

ALCC gives you intense language lessons in small classes with fully qualified teachers. We are located in downtown access Halifax, so it is easy to get around and restaurants and shopping are all nearby.

ALCC is a fully accredited member of Languages Canada and an authorized user of the Imagine Education au/in Canada brand. ALCC is also an ETS-certified TOEFL test center. At ALCC, we believe Language is Power. Study with us and get the power!

Students must speak only English while in school and show respect to fellow students and staff at ALCC.
It is very important that students only hand in their own work and do not copy work from other people or other sources. You will get a 0 for copied work or work done by someone else.
To graduate from any level of ALCC’s five (5) level program students must do the following.
Students must come to school and be in class for 80% of the term. Your teacher will take attendance at 9:05 in the morning and 1:05 in the afternoon. If you are not in class you will be marked absent. If you do not have attendance of 80% you will fail the level.
Sick Days
Students can have a maximum of three (3) sick days in a term, but you must have a note from your doctor or you will be marked absent.
Tests and make-up tests
Students must be in school for all tests and quizzes. If you miss a test you will get a grade of zero (0). If you have a note from a doctor, you may be able to write the make-up test. It is your job to talk to your teacher about writing a test you missed.
Students must get a grade of 70% or higher to pass a level.
Midterm Exam 5%
Final Exam 30%
Class work 65%
Total 100%
A student may pass at the mid-term if they have an average of 80% for your class work and:
1) for Levels 1 and 2 80% or more in the mid-term;
2) for Level 3 and 4 65% or more in the mid-term;
3) Level 5 students MUST finish the level to pass to UBP.
Payment Method : Bank Transfer
Student shall deposit a full payment directly to the school’s bank account within 7 days of receiving booking approval from the school.
Upon acceptance to the intensive program, students must pay the tuition fee for the first term in full and a 20% deposit for the subsequent terms they wish to sign up for;
If a student has been denied for a Visa or study permit, ALCC will refund tuition fees paid, less a $100 administration fee. A copy of the letter stating the visa denial from the immigration authority must be provided to ALCC before such refunds can be made;
Until the start date of the program, students who notify ALCC of their withdrawal in writing will receive a refund of their tuition fees paid, less a 20% non-refundable and not-transferable deposit;
There is no refund after the start date of the program.

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