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Duke Institute of Studies

  • Auckland, New Zealand

School Type   Private language school

Student Nationality Ratio   KR KR 20%   JP JP 20%   CN CN 20%   RU RU 10%   IR IR 10%   FR FR 10%   PF PF 10%  

Number of Students   90 persons

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  • General English

    25 lessons per week

    • CERT.
    • DORM
    • x25
    • 45MIN
    • Course + Off Campus
    • Materials included
    • A1, A2, B1, B2, C1
    • Homestay - Single
    Course per week as low as USD 189

    Course Information (Item No. 2323)
    Course Type : General English
    Accom. Location : Off Campus
    Student /Teacher Ratio : Group Class
    Maximum Class Size : 12 persons
    Course Certificate : Presented
    Minimum Age : 12 years old
    Class Days : Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
    Lessons per Week : 25 lessons per week
    Course Hours (Start and end times) : 09:00 ~ 12:15
    Lesson Duration per Class : 45 minutes

    General English Proficiency Beginner to Upper Intermediate - suitable for adults and young learners

    Start any Monday (Full-time: Mon ~ Fri. 9.00am - 2.30pm or Part-time: Mon ~ Fri. 9.00am - 12.15pm)
    Apart from public holidays

    These classes cover the main language skills in English. You will study reading, writing, listening, speaking and vocabulary. On completion of all the levels you will be able to use English confidently at school and in professional and social settings.

    Courses are run at several levels, from Beginner to Upper Intermediate. You will sit a placement test when you arrive, and join a class at your level. Please note - classes are run according to student demand.

    Room Information
    • Homestay - Single
      Room Facilities :
      Hot Water, TV, Refrigerator, Bathroom, Desk/Chair, Bed
      WiFi :
      FREE WiFi Access
      Meals :
      Half Board
      (Breakfast - Free / Dinner - Free)

    ※ If there are prices indicated in the meal option, it should be paid to the school.

    Additional costs not included with school fees
    ※ The information below is for reference only. It is not included with School fees and may differ depending on study duration.
    Dormitory Deposit : NZD 0
    Course Material Fees : NZD 60
    Electricity Bill : NZD 0
    Water Bill : NZD 0
    ID Card Cost : NZD 0
    Activity Fees : NZD 0
    Parental Guardian Fees : NZD 0
    Visa Extension Fees : NZD 300
    Local Airport Charges : NZD 0
    Pick up Fees from Airport : NZD 100
    See details Less

    Calculation / Booking

    Calculation / Booking

    Duke Institute of Studies : General English

    Room Rate
    School Admin Fee

    Total Price : USD

    Balance payable
    Local currency

    Booking Fee : USD
    For now, as a part of school fee, you just need to pay a booking fee that is included in the total fee. (It's NOT an EXTRA fee.)

    ▶ You only need to pay the Booking fee to proceed.
    ▶ If there is a bed-shaped icon on the school page but you can not choose the type of accommodation here, please use the "Quotation Request" service.
    ▶ After the booking fee is paid, you need to pay the School fee directly to the provider. (See "Balance Payable" on the fees)
    ▶ Pay the Booking fee in US dollars to proceed with the booking process.
    ▶ The Booking fee is included in the total price. If your order is not approved by the provider, your payment will be refunded except 10% of transaction fee. (Non-refundable minimum transaction fee is USD 50.)
    ▶ Additional meal fees are excluded from the total fees.
    ▶ Depending on countries you may need to pay the remaining balance before departure even if the payment condition is indicated as "balance payable upon arrival" by the school.

Detail Information

WiFi in Public Areas WiFi in Public Areas
Auditorium Auditorium
Library Library
Study Room Study Room
Computer Room Computer Room
Rest Room Rest Room
Audio-visual Room Audio-visual Room
Cafeteria Cafeteria
Snack Bar Snack Bar
Gym / Fitness Gym / Fitness
Swimming Pool (for adults) Swimming Pool (for adults)
Swimming Pool (for children) Swimming Pool (for children)

Other Sport Facilities Other Sport Facilities
Facilities for Disabled Facilities for Disabled
Medical Service Medical Service
Outside of Class Activities Outside of Class Activities
Airport Pickup Airport Pickup
Native Speaking Teacher Native Speaking Teacher
Night Class Night Class
Parental Guardian Parental Guardian
Laundry Service Laundry Service

Date School Established : 2001-03-08

School(Business) Permit No. : 950 PO-33548

Standardized Exam : IELTS

Duke Institute is a small, family run school with maximum of 90 students.

The classes are small - 8 - 12 students.
The school is situated in the beautiful seaside suburb of Takapuna Beach, which is 10 minutes by bus from Downtown Auckland.

We offer General English to young learners - adults, IELTS, English for Working Holidays and high school preparation courses. We have pathways to top high schools in the area.
We arrange homestay and airport pick-up.

Legal Status
The Duke Institute of Studies (DIOS) is a registered private educational provider. All our courses are accredited by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) and we are a signatory to the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students (a requirement of the Ministry of Education).

The Duke Institute of studies of studies is situated on the North Shore of Auckland City, New Zealand and is in close proximity to:
▪ The University of Auckland
▪ Auckland University of Technology
▪ Massey University
▪ UNITEC New Zealand
▪ The School of Creative and Performing Arts


• Enrolment is subject to the following conditions which are legally binding under New Zealand law.
• Enrolment is completed after an Offer of Place has been accepted by the student and fees have been paid in full to the Duke Institute of Studies.
• The student authorizes Duke D.H. Kyeong to deposit the student's fees in the Trust Account on the student's behalf.
• Fees must be paid before enrolment is confirmed.
• Class placement depends on a student's tested level of ability and attainment

Course Dates and Fees
• Duke Institute of Studies is open all year except on Public Holidays.
• Course fees are worked out in calendar weeks, including Public Holidays. No reimbursement of fees or extra tuition is provided to cater for public holidays.
• Public Holidays are: Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day, Second of January, Waitangi Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Anzac Day, Queen’s Birthday, Labour Day, Auckland Anniversary Day.

School Rules
• Students must obey the school rules and laws of New Zealand.
• Any student who breaks the school rules, is guilty of serious misbehaviour or is convicted of a criminal offence while studying at the school may be expelled with no refund of fees - refer Refund Policy.
• New Zealand Immigration Service will be informed if a student on a Student Visa/Permit fails to comply with their permit requirements.
• A copy of the school rules may be found on the Institute's website.
Payment Method : Bank Transfer
Student shall deposit a full payment directly to the school’s bank account within 7 days of receiving booking approval from the school.
Fee Refund Policy
• To apply for a refund, the student must submit a written Notice of Withdrawal to the Principal stating the reason for the request to withdraw.
• The Institute's refund policy complies with Ministry of Education policy and NZQA regulations.

Refund of Tuition Fees
a. Effective before the start date
• Cancellations made in writing before the course start date will result in a full refund LESS 10% or $500 whichever is the lesser. If a student’s visa application is declined, the school will refund all tuition fees Less 10% or $500 whichever is the lesser.
b. Effective after the start date
• For courses of 3 months or longer, students withdrawing within the first ten working days of the course must be refunded in full less a deduction for costs incurred by the PTE, up to a maximum of 25% of the fee total paid or $3,000 whichever is the lesser. Cancellations must be made in writing. If a student's visa is declined, the school will refund all unused tuition fees LESS costs up to a maximum of 25% of the fee total paid. We, the Duke Institute of Studies, will provide to you, the student, details of the cost components for the purpose of working out the maximum deductible percentage. In the event of a dispute over the cost component deducted, you can refer the matter to The Complaints Office of the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA).
• Regardless of the course duration, any student who cancels their enrolment after the first ten working days of course commencement will not be entitled to a refund.
(See compassionate grounds below).
• A refund may be given after ten working days of course commencement on compassionate grounds at the sole discretion of the Principal. A 30% administration fee will be deducted from unused tuition fees.

Early withdrawal and refund requirement
• Where a foreign student enrolled at a PTE on a course of study or training, that is less than three months' duration, withdraws from such a course, the following minimum refund entitlement will apply.
A. For courses of up to and including four weeks and six days:
• Where a foreign student withdraws within the first two days of the course for which attendance of students at the PTE is required, the PTE may retain up to 50% of the full amount of any payments made by the student to the PTE in respect of the course; and must refund the balance to the student; unless
• Two days constitutes the full amount of tuition paid for by the student, in which case the provider may retain 100% of the payment made in respect of the course.
B. For courses of five weeks or more but less than three months:
• Where a foreign student withdraws within the first five days of the course for which attendance of students at the PTE is required, the PTE may retain up to 25% of the full amount of any payments made by the student to the PTE in respect of the course; and must refund the balance to the student. We remind PTEs that the ten working day period (that is, ten working days, including the first day of the course) still applies to courses of three months or more.

Homestay cancellation or early withdrawal
• Cancellation of homestay will result in a full refund LESS the homestay placement fee.
• If a student decides to withdraw early from their homestay, during the homestay period, they will receive a full refund of remaining homestay fees, provided two weeks’ notice is given.
• Relocation by a student into another homestay is not subject to additional fees unless a complaint by the homestay provider is made in which case an additional homestay placement fee is payable.

Payment of fees should be made:
(1) in person at the Duke Institute of Studies Limited in NZ$, or
(2) by Bank Draft to Duke Institute of Studies Limited in NZ$, or
(3) by Telegraphic Transfer in NZ$ to
(4) The sender will pay all bank charges.

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