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inlingua Vancouver

  • Vancouver (BC), Canada

School Type   Private language school

Student Nationality Ratio   BR BR 20%   JP JP 20%   KR KR 20%   MX MX 12%   CH CH 8%   ES ES 4%   DE DE 3%   CO CO 3%   VE VE 2%   UA UA 2%   RU RU 2%   IT IT 1%   BY BY 1%   TR TR 1%   FR FR 1%  

Number of Students   400 persons

  • DORM
  • WIFI
  • EXAM

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Detail Information

WiFi in Public Areas WiFi in Public Areas
Auditorium Auditorium
Library Library
Study Room Study Room
Computer Room Computer Room
Rest Room Rest Room
Audio-visual Room Audio-visual Room
Cafeteria Cafeteria
Snack Bar Snack Bar
Gym / Fitness Gym / Fitness
Swimming Pool (for adults) Swimming Pool (for adults)
Swimming Pool (for children) Swimming Pool (for children)

Other Sport Facilities Other Sport Facilities
Facilities for Disabled Facilities for Disabled
Medical Service Medical Service
Outside of Class Activities Outside of Class Activities
Airport Pickup Airport Pickup
Native Speaking Teacher Native Speaking Teacher
Night Class Night Class
Parental Guardian Parental Guardian
Laundry Service Laundry Service

Date School Established : 2001-08-01

School(Business) Permit No. : 15-115440

Standardized Exam : TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS

inlingua Vancouver is part of the inlingua International Schools of Languages, with more than 340 language schools around the world where over 500.000 students study and learn languages, especially English. Our English language instructors are qualified and experienced professionals with certified English teaching credentials. At our school we are offering high-quality English language training.

Our English school uses exclusive inlingua method to help you study English and learn very fast. In your language course you will speak English and have conversations from your first lesson. A beginner English student who came to Canada and started using our method could become totally fluent in just a few months.

English Speaking Lessons at inlingua Vancouver focus on speaking and also help to improve specific language skills such as speaking, grammar, listening and pronunciation, using the inlingua method. Students may also choose to study english in more advanced Elective Lessons such as Fluency & Accuracy or Current Affairs. Check out all the English lessons inlingua Vancouver has to offer!

inlingua Vancouver also offers Test Preparation Lessons for TOEFL iBT, Cambridge FCE, Cambridge CAE, IELTS as well as Private English Lessons and full-time courses in Business English and University preparation course.

English Only Policy in School

At inlingua Vancouver we have a strict English Only Policy. This policy forces students to speak English at all times in our language school campuses and activities. It ensures the best possible opportunity for students to speak English.

Instructors and staff will use English as the language of communication with all students and at all times on school property (except in counseling situations and in case of emergencies). Students will be expected to also follow this rule when speaking to each other.

Students communicating using a mother tongue when not absolutely necessary will be penalized. However, students using English at all times and showing enthusiasm in their classes will be rewarded.
Payment Method : Bank Transfer
Student shall deposit a full payment directly to the school’s bank account within 7 days of receiving booking approval from the school.
Refund policy
After the Application Form has been signed, the following Refund Policy will be in effect:

A. A written notice of withdrawal will be necessary in all cases. It will have to be submitted to INLINGUA VANCOUVER by fax, e-mail, mail or in person.

B. INLINGUA VANCOUVER will retain the lesser of 25% of the total fees due under the contract or up to CDN 200 if a person is denied authorization from Citizenship and Immigration, or could not get a visa, or do not receive authorization prior to the course of study; provided that the person notifies the school of these circumstances on or before the first day of the program of study is scheduled to begin and also provided that the person, within a reasonable time, provides documentation of the circumstances to the institution.


C. If the notice of withdrawal is received less than seven (7) calendar days after the contract is made and before the program starts, INLINGUA VANCOUVER will return all funds except 25% of the total fees due under the contract, to a maximum of CDN 400.

D. Subject to clause B, if the notice of withdrawal is received by the school thirty (30) calendar days or more before the start of a program of study, INLINGUA VANCOUVER will return all funds except 25% of the total fees due under the contract.

E. Subject to clause B, if the notice of withdrawal is received by the school less than thirty (30) calendar days before the start of a program of study, INLINGUA VANCOUVER will return all funds except 40% of the total fees due under the contract.


F. If the notice of withdrawal is received by the school, or a student is dismissed within 10% of the program of study’s duration, INLINGUA VANCOUVER will return all funds except 50% of the total fees due under the contract.

G. If the notice of withdrawal is received by the school, or a student is dismissed after 10% and before 30% of the program of study’s duration, INLINGUA VANCOUVER will return all funds except 70% of the total fees due under the contract.

H. If a student withdraws or is dismissed after 30% of the program of study’s duration, no refund will be given.

I. If INLINGUA VANCOUVER changes the start date of a program after the contract has been signed, and the person does not want to take the course in the new date, the person will be given a refund of 100% of the fees including the application fee and all other fees charged.

J. If the person wants to change the start date, provided that the person notifies the school in writing of these changes before 30 days of the program of study is scheduled to begin, then all the fees paid will be transferred to a later date for up to 12 months. If the person does not notify before 30 days of the program of study is scheduled to begin or takes longer than 12 months to start after notifying, then INLINGUA VANCOUVER reserves the right to penalize applicants.

T. All refunds will be paid within thirty (30) days of INLINGUA VANCOUVER receiving written notification of withdrawal, or within thirty (30) days of the school’s written notice of dismissal.

If the fees to be refunded were received from an Agent or the student’s parents or legal guardians, then INLINGUA VANCOUVER will agree with them if the refund is given to them or directly to the person. In concordance with clause T, within thirty (30) days of the notice of withdrawal or dismissal, the school will decide who the Recipient will be.

Student Reviews

School Facilities
Surrounding Environment

  • Germany

    Dominik Neef


    I wanted to explore the world starting with Canada. In order to improve my English skills I attended the cambridge advanced preparation course for 3 months. Because I wanted to study my Master's in English, and that required a good damn amount of effort. But in the end it was totally worth it. I passed my CAE exam, met a lot of new people, was able to spend time in of the best cities in the world and do some fun activities with friends while studying. Teacher's and in general the staff of Inlingua works professionally in all terms. I felt welcome the second I set foot into the building of Inlingua (which are located Downtown, which is great). So if anyone is out there and interested in improving their English (or tons of other languages) skills and happens to be in Vancouver or any other citý, Inlingua is definitely worth a visit. I can for sure recommend this school for beginners and advanced people. Cheers.

  • Germany

    Enna Fontaine


    I was at inlingua Vancouver for a whole year and it was an amazing time. I did the general English class until I reached a certain level then visited the CAE perpetration course. After that I visited the ILES perpetration course and at the end I went to the university preparation class. I was able to get to know several teachers whom all were such amazing, kind and supportive people. The courses where all very good for improving my English and I felt at all times, like I was at the right place. Besides taking English classes and studying, I\'ve got to know so many amazing people from all around the world, which was also enhanced by the school because of all the amazing activities the school providet and the very international mixed classes. I really enjoyed my time there and even when I had a problem I could always go to a teacher or any other person at inlingua and someone helped me. I often think about my time there, which I will never forget.

  • Korea, Republic Of

    Keunsaem Lee


    Before I came to Inlingua, going abroad had been a big challenge, because my English was not good and also I didn't have anyone who I can lean on. But, now, thanks to Inlingua, not only, has my English been much increased, but also due to diverse activities and friendly atmosphere, I was able to get close with many friends and unlike my previous worry, now I realize I'm not alone. I love our school's teaching style and curriculum. I think this suits any students too. I appreciate Inlingua for giving those awesome teaching and experience. Now, I can go anywhere with this English skill and confidence gotten from Inlingua. Thank you !!

  • China

    Albert Zhang


    Even though I only spent one month in inlingua, I made many good friends there. The school' schedule and workload are not very intense so we have time to hang out. Small class size also gives everybody the opportunity to speak out. I miss the time I was in in lingua.

  • Slovakia

    Nika Krajnakova


    Hi, I Was attending IELTS class for 3 months in Inlingua. It was a reason why I came to Canada. This experience gave me a lot. Everything was very organized, counselors are very helpful and teachers are amazing! I Really enjoyed time in my class and improved my English! I Was actually sad to leave this place and many new friends I met. Thanks to Inlingua I have many international friends who invited me to their countries. Thus I visited Mexico, Japan and at this moment Switzerland :) If you are planning study English in Vancouver I definitely recommend Inlingua, you will not regret.

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