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Souters Training

  • London, United Kingdom

School Type   Private language school

Student Nationality Ratio   SE SE 5%   ES ES 5%   RU RU 5%   RO RO 5%   CH CH 5%   TR TR 5%   UZ UZ 5%   AE AE 5%   UA UA 5%   LV LV 5%   KZ KZ 5%   CZ CZ 5%   CN CN 5%   BG BG 5%   FR FR 5%   DE DE 5%   IT IT 5%   HU HU 5%   GR GR 5%   BE BE 5%  

Number of Students   100 persons

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  • Business English

    10 lessons per week

    • CERT.
    • 1:1
    • x10
    • 60MIN
    • Course Only
    • Materials included
    • C1, C2, B2
    Course per week as low as USD 629
    FREE School Admin Fee

    Attachment File

    Course Information (Item No. 2733)
    Course Type : Business English
    Accom. Location : Don’t offer accommodations
    Student /Teacher Ratio : One to One Class, Two to One Class, Group Class
    Maximum Class Size : 8 persons
    Course Certificate : Presented
    Minimum Age : 18 years old
    Class Days : Mon, Tue
    Lessons per Week : 10 lessons per week
    Course Hours (Start and end times) : 10:30 ~ 16:30
    Lesson Duration per Class : 60 minutes

    Business English Workshop Objective

    To enable persons with a proficient ability in English to improve their language skills to feel both more competent and confident in wide range of commercial situations.

    Course Format

    This is an intensive workshop, which comprises a variety of simulated business scenarios that have been created by experienced native speaking, English Language teaching professionals. It is a highly interactive course, which comprises of group exercises in a range of all forms of communication plus appropriate individual exercises.

    We aim to enable participants to maximise their learning benefits in a short period. After course support and follow up is available for up to three months.


    The tutor will be a well experienced native English speaker with an English teaching qualification. The tutor will have considerable practical experience in the use of English for Business.

    Dates and Duration

    Intensive 2 day workshop; 10:30 to 16:30.

    Suitable for

    People with working ability in English looking to improve their use of English in a business setting.

    Course Requirements

    Good intermediate level in English, both written and spoken.


    Greater confidence to use English in an office or business setting.
    Greater confidence in own ability to communicate in commercial English both written and spoken.

    Course Outcome

    In particular, students will be able to:

    Understand the type of technical language that is appropriate for the analysis and evaluation of data, in a commercial setting.
    Listen to and understand Business English conversations, announcements and presentations including those made over the telephone
    Participate in conversations and meetings in routine and semi-routine business contexts
    Gain confidence to deliver presentations
    Convey points of view convincingly; influence others.
    Business Writing using wide range of formats, including letters, emails, memos and minutes of meetings.
    Present themselves for interview for more senior roles
    The Business English Workshop is accredited by the CPD and certification is issued on successful completion

    All of the above point with address the appropriate levels of formality, relevant vocabulary and technical capabilities for each of the above areas.

    Additional costs not included with school fees
    ※ The information below is for reference only. It is not included with School fees and may differ depending on study duration.
    Dormitory Deposit : GBP 0
    Course Material Fees : GBP 0
    Electricity Bill : GBP 0
    Water Bill : GBP 0
    ID Card Cost : GBP 0
    Activity Fees : GBP 0
    Parental Guardian Fees : GBP 0
    Visa Extension Fees : GBP 0
    Local Airport Charges : GBP 0
    Pick up Fees from Airport : GBP 0
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    Calculation / Booking

    Souters Training : Business English

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    For now, as a part of school fee, you just need to pay a booking fee that is included in the total fee. (It's NOT an EXTRA fee.)

    ▶ You only need to pay the Booking fee to proceed.
    ▶ If there is a bed-shaped icon on the school page but you can not choose the type of accommodation here, please use the "Quotation Request" service.
    ▶ After the booking fee is paid, you need to pay the School fee directly to the provider. (See "Balance Payable" on the fees)
    ▶ Pay the Booking fee in US dollars to proceed with the booking process.
    ▶ The Booking fee is included in the total price. If your order is not approved by the provider, your payment will be refunded except 10% of transaction fee. (Non-refundable minimum transaction fee is USD 50.)
    ▶ Additional meal fees are excluded from the total fees.
    ▶ Depending on countries you may need to pay the remaining balance before departure even if the payment condition is indicated as "balance payable upon arrival" by the school.

Detail Information

WiFi in Public Areas WiFi in Public Areas
Auditorium Auditorium
Library Library
Study Room Study Room
Computer Room Computer Room
Rest Room Rest Room
Audio-visual Room Audio-visual Room
Cafeteria Cafeteria
Snack Bar Snack Bar
Gym / Fitness Gym / Fitness
Swimming Pool (for adults) Swimming Pool (for adults)
Swimming Pool (for children) Swimming Pool (for children)

Other Sport Facilities Other Sport Facilities
Facilities for Disabled Facilities for Disabled
Medical Service Medical Service
Outside of Class Activities Outside of Class Activities
Airport Pickup Airport Pickup
Native Speaking Teacher Native Speaking Teacher
Night Class Night Class
Parental Guardian Parental Guardian
Laundry Service Laundry Service

Date School Established : 1989-01-01

School(Business) Permit No. : EC4M 7DR

Standardized Exam : CPD, TOLES, Business English, Legal English, Financial English

Souters Training is a specialist in Business English, Financial English and Legal English training courses. Our training college was established in the 1980s and we are based in Central London, in the same road as St Paul's Cathedral. All of our Business and Financial English Courses are fully accredited by the CPD Institute. Our Legal English Courses are Accredited by TOLES (Test of Legal English Skills). Our courses are ideal for non-native English speaking professionals who are looking to enhance their English Language skills for their career development.

Payment Method : Bank Transfer
Student shall deposit a full payment directly to the school’s bank account within 7 days of receiving booking approval from the school.
There is a non-refundable deposit of £100. All fees remaining fees (except for the £100 deposit) will be refunded if cancelled more than 15 days prior to commencement of course. Cancellation of the course less than 15 days prior to commencement of the course will mean that only 50% of fees are refundable. All fees are payable on commencement of the course.

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