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  • Cebu, Philippines

School Type   Private language school

Student Nationality Ratio   KR KR 45%   JP JP 30%   CN CN 8%   TW TW 8%   VN VN 4%   RU RU 2%   MN MN 1%   TH TH 1%   SA SA 1%  

Number of Students   1000 persons

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Detail Information

WiFi in Public Areas WiFi in Public Areas
Auditorium Auditorium
Library Library
Study Room Study Room
Computer Room Computer Room
Rest Room Rest Room
Audio-visual Room Audio-visual Room
Cafeteria Cafeteria
Snack Bar Snack Bar
Gym / Fitness Gym / Fitness
Swimming Pool (for adults) Swimming Pool (for adults)
Swimming Pool (for children) Swimming Pool (for children)

Other Sport Facilities Other Sport Facilities
Facilities for Disabled Facilities for Disabled
Medical Service Medical Service
Outside of Class Activities Outside of Class Activities
Airport Pickup Airport Pickup
Native Speaking Teacher Native Speaking Teacher
Night Class Night Class
Parental Guardian Parental Guardian
Laundry Service Laundry Service

Date School Established : 2006-07-24

School(Business) Permit No. : 105230


SMEAG Philippines Training Center has a structured dormitory so students can ultimately focus in their studies during their stay. With the certification from the British Council as an authorized IELTS exam center, as an ETS certified TOEIC center with an outstanding education system, and several partnerships with universities, all these make SMEAG unique and dynamic.

Through our professional and compelling educational curriculum and accredited testing and certification programs, we, at SMEAG, will strive to help you improve your English language skills so you can leap forward as a global talent.

With our multi- globally authenticated testing and teaching programs, we work hard to provide you with the best English education ever available.

1. It is the right of SMEAG to assign classes and teachers for students' schedule.
2. Students must arrive in their classroom within 10 minutes after ringing a bell; otherwise, they will be marked as absent.
3. A substitute teacher will be provided in case the original teacher is absent or the class can't be held due to an avoidable reason. But the student can reject to have a class with a substitute teacher if there are acceptable reason and SMEAG may give a make-up class during available time accordingly.
4. As to 1:1 class, for students who are absent more than 3 times for 7days, from Monday to next Tuesday without any acceptable reasons, will lose their right of preserving their class.
5. Except the case of obvious problem of the teacher and the class, the rule of changing class is basically once every 2 weeks and not allowed to change for 2 weeks if they will get one warning.
6. Students are not marked as absent in the case of the students' health problem, medical treatment, visit to post office, ticketing and with approval from a manager only.
7. SMEAG gives warning to students whose attendance rate in Sparta class is below 90%.
8. Students who have to attend at special lesson program provided from SMEAG must observe all related rule accordingly.
9. As for the weekly test, an examine in the weekly test must perform all courses sincerely, but students who fail to arrive in the testing room by 9 am cannot take the exam. Moreover, incomplete and randomly answered exam will be considered void and subject to warning.
10. Students of TOEIC & IELTS Courses will take TOEIC & IELTS test obligatorily from the first week but ESL students will take the scheduled test depending on the campuses. (Sparta Campus- 3 times a month, Classic & Capital Campus - progress test every 4 weeks).All students must check the test schedule assigned to them.
11. In case of immoral act to teachers and staffs, that student will be punished, applying the rules of the administration department.

Agreement (Admin)
I agree to the following rules and regulations of SMEAG Philippines Training Center. Furthermore, I am fully aware of the consequences and punishment the company has set, if I fail to follow all that is stated below.
1. Students will be kicked out of the campus without warning if they cross the red-line of the opposite gender's floor.
2. Curfew time (Internet Philippines Time, GMT 8) MUST be obeyed by students at all times. (weekdays & weekdays: 11:00 PM ~ 05:00 AM)
Entering or exiting the campus beyond the curfew time in strictly prohibited regardless of the reason. In addition, SMEAG has the right to refuse the student's entering in case of not wearing their ID.
3. Students who want to stay out overnight during the weekday/weekend or travel during weekend should attend the Friday Safety Education (12:40~13:00, Conf. Room 1) or apply online and fill out a Stay-Out Form. Failure to do both will result in a warning.
4. SMEAG will automatically expel the student who allows outsiders to enter the campus without the permission from the manager.
5. SMEAG has the right to confiscate any hazardous property such as gas burners or electronic coil burners if found inside the room.
6. SMEAG is not liable for any lost or stolen items. It is the student's responsibility to keep an eye on their personal belongings.
7. For your safety, students must obey the instructions of the security guards at all times.
8. Bringing liquor/alcoholic beverages inside campus will result in a warning. Violent behavior, vandalism, disturbance of peace, or fights after drinking will result in immediate expulsion without hesitation and will be handled in accordance with the laws of the Philippines.
9. In case of violating Dormitory/Academy rules and regulations, SMEAG will give the following punishments:
1st violation - Warning not allowed change class for 2 weeks
2nd violation - Warning not allowed change class for 2 weeks
3rd violation - Posting the information on SMEAG's homepage not allowed to go out for 2 weeks (including weekends) not allowed change class for 2 weeks
4th violation Information given to the parents, agency, & posting it on SMEAG's homepage not allowed to go out for 4 weeks (including weekends) not allowed to change class for 2 weeks 5rd violation Expulsion
There is no refund in case of an expulsion.
10. Stipulations on Refund: SMEAG observes the rules laid down by KALA.
There are no refunds if the remaining length of stay is less than 50% of the entire study period.
SMEAG will refund in a 4 week basis. Furthermore, only 60% of the entire amount will be refunded.
The refund will be given within 30 days via the agency in your country.
In case of changing rooms, a refund of only 60% will be given. Additionally, 500 Pesos will be charged in case of changing rooms.
The remaining weeks of the students are not transferable.
11. SMEAG Philippines Training Center is not liable for any accidents outside of its premises.
12. I hereby acknowledge that if I am expelled by SMEAG within the last seven days of departure, I waive the right to receive my room, key and e-money deposit payments. SMEAG will donate the money to charity.
13. Students caught in a casino, KTV or any other establishment with the same nature will be given a warning, and their parents will also be notified.
14. It is possible to transfer campus and vice versa. However, such transfers depend on the availability of rooms in each campus and in case of more than 3 weeks left of the study period.
15. SMEAG will accept expelled students only after 3months of SMEAG's agreement.
16.The students hereby agree that photographs or videos taken throughout their stay at SMEAG may be used for public information.
Payment Method : Bank Transfer
Student shall deposit a full payment directly to the school’s bank account within 7 days of receiving booking approval from the school.
Article 1: The Registration and Extensions Provisions
There will be a one-time non-refundable $100 registration fee.
5 days (excluding legal holidays) after the application, an invoice will be presented. The tuition and dormitory fees must be paid in full at least two weeks before the start of the enrollment.
SMEAG's minimum registration period of 4 weeks.
In case of an extension, students must inform the administration office and apply at least 4 weeks in advance of their graduation date. Payment must be submitted 2 weeks prior to the first day of the extension. Failure to pay their tuition fee 2 weeks in advance will result in an automatic cancellation of their application.

Article 2: The Refund Policy ( ELS, IELTS and TOEIC Courses )
- Students may receive a full refund if they cancel at least 2 weeks prior to their scheduled departure date. However, the registration fee will not be refunded.
- 2 weeks ~ 4 days prior to scheduled departure date: A full refund will be given for the course fee. However, 2 weeks will be deducted from the dormitory fee.
- 3 days prior to scheduled departure date: One week will be deducted from the entire course fee. However, 4 weeks will be deducted from the dormitory fee.
Registration Fee
Dormitory Fee
Course Fee
14 days prior - No refund
Full refund
14 days ~ 4 days prior - No refund
Two weeks deducted from the full refund
3 days prior - No refund
Four weeks deducted from the full refund
One week deducted from the full refund

After departure
- There are no refunds if the remaining of stay is less than 50% of the entire contract.
- SMEAG will refund in a 4 week basis
( i.e : remaining period - 10 weeks -> refundable period 8 weeks / remaining period 6 weeks )
- Refunds will be given within 30 days via the agency in the student's country ( SSP and Registration fee not included )
- If a student misses class without prior notice within the first three weeks of enrollment, no fund will be given
- If a student has less than 4 weeks left to stay, no refund will be given upon request of early departure
Cancellation request period
Tuition refund
Dormitory refund
Within 50% of scheduled stay 60%
In case of inevitable circumstances (ex: Student's illness, immediate family's death, etc.) SMEAG will refund 50% of the student's tuition cost regardless of the notice date (Medical certificate will be required) after 50% of scheduled stay No refund

Article 3: Disclaimers
SMEAG or its agents shall not be liable for canceled or extended flight schedules due to a natural disaster.
SMEAG is not liable for any accidents outside of its premises whether or not the student has a class.
SMEAG is not liable for damage of property during travel.
Classes are held 5 days a week. However, SMEAG will not compensate for Philippines holidays, temporary holiday and special holidays.
Authority of Exchange rate and tax increases: SMEAG has the authority to change its prices to adhere to the 10% (6 months) exchange rate and tax increase in accordance with the relevant laws of the Philippines government.
SMEAG has the right to expel students who break the rules and regulations of the school. Students who have truancies, warnings, commit acts of violence, have bad attitudes, or anything thereof to prevent a positive academic atmosphere will be a ground of expulsion.

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